[lug] How do you keep your passwords safe while Paying billsand Day Trading at Work?

siegfried siegfried at heintze.com
Mon Oct 6 22:00:25 MDT 2008

>How many stock trades are placed per day on cell phones that anyone can 
>buy a CDMA or GSM network service monitor -- perfectly legally but then 
>use it to listen in with -- not legal -- for about $2000 from any test 
>gear supply house?

Ah hah! I've been wondering about that for years! I've been amazed
that I have yet to hear anything about identity theft thru cell phones
on the evening news. The average person just does not stop to think
that cell phones are not secure! I keep asking bank tellers on the phone: is
it safe to give you this sensitive information over a cell phone and
they all say, sure!

What about cordless phones? How much trouble is it for a thief to
listen in on your cordless phone conversations? I've heard the range
of a wifi router is 20 miles given a lucky thief with sensitive
equipment. Anyone know what the broadcast radius is with a cordless
phone for a lucky thief with sensitive equipment?

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