[lug] Network Question

kevin kempter kevin at kevinkempterllc.com
Tue Oct 7 13:58:55 MDT 2008


I want to try and take advantage of gigabit networking in my Home  
Office. I recently bought a Lacie 2TB NAS RAID and I find it to be dog  

Here's what I currently have:

Qwest VDSL is routed into a 5-port hub. (I do this because my VIOP box  
doesn't work if it's behind the firewall)
The 5-port hub is a Netgear 5 port 10/100/1000 switch GS605 v2

 From the 5-Port hub I have one cat5 going to my VOIP box and one  
feeding the router/firewall (a USR 8200)

 From the USR 8200 I have one cat5 feeding into a Netgear ProSafe 16  
port  10/100 switch

I run cat5 connectons from the 16 port switch to the following:

- a mac extreme airport base station (all the desktops use the wireless)
- my Linux servers
- The Lacie 2TB NAS
- 2 network printers

Here's my questions:

can I upgrade only the Netgear ProSafe 16 port switsh for a gigabit  
switch and get the benifits of the gigabit
  bandwidth ?

I assume I'll need to back off the wireless and run cat6 cables to the  
Lacie NAS and the desktops that want to interact with it yes?

Also, any suggestions per a replacement for my USR 8200 that allows  
client VPN connections, gigabit ports and a
   secure (yet easy to configure) firewall / router ?

Thanks in advance..


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