[lug] tunneling from work

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 23 18:19:49 MDT 2008

i always wondered if i tunneled via ssh back to my home computer from work, would my employer (sysadmins) know specifically what i was doing? 

i'm thinking of this in a couple of ways.

1) if the sysadmins have configured some kind of remote desktop to my system, i imagine they can view anything i'm doing on my desktop regardless of whether it's tunneled or not.  

i'm pretty sure this is correct right?

if so, is there any way to tell whether my sysadmins have installed remote desktop or other remote viewing software on my system?  what known apps are being used today for this? what common executables might i look for to find out?  

i'm assuming a windows based desktop but i imagine linux offers the same type of snooping.

2) if my employer was keylogging there wouldn't be any way around privacy either.

3) assuming my workplace admins do NOT implement any kind of remote desktop software or keylogging, it would appear they could only monitor the quantity of packets over the ssh connection and nothing else.  the content would be completely encrypted.  and the packet quantity would only be an issue if the sysadms took the time to set up their firewall to monitor ssh packets and i'm not sure many would bother.  

does this sound correct?

fwiw.  i'm not in any way planning on abusing the privilege to tunnel.  i just want to know that if and when i tunnel home for something that the information is private.



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