[lug] Looking for a laptop...

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Thu Oct 23 22:19:01 MDT 2008

Mike Stanczyk wrote:
> So I have HP branded Compaq NC8000 running Windows for games.  No problem,
> I'll get off my lazy butt and install that linux partition I've been 
> meaning
> to.
> To make a very agravating story short:  They put a drive size limit in the
> laptop.   The laptop will only recognize a 160 Gig Disk.  So what right?

Interesting.  Compaq used to be notorious for doing stupid things that 
made your hardware less usable than it should be.  I thought they were 
over it long ago.

> Well, it's not a drive geometry limit.  It's a limit on the size of the 
> partition on the disk.   I put a 250Gig disk in the laptop and 
> clonezilla-ed the windows partition over.  If the windows partion is over 160Gig, the 
> laptop will not boot, "disk read error".  if the partition is under 160gig, the 
> laptop runs flawlessly.  #^#$&@$#%& me!
> So it's gotta go.   I'm not gonna give this thing another chance to back 
> stab me.

I'll take it if you're throwing it away.  It would be interesting to see 
what combinations of partitions work/don't work.  I don't need more than 
160GB in a partition (Windows doesn't get any and Linux happily makes 
them all look like one).


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