[lug] tunneling from work

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 24 01:36:52 MDT 2008

thanks for the insightful input
thoughts inline below

> Not if they did it correctly.  How hard do you want to
> look?  :-)

not too hard.  i figured a quick browse of the task manager would pull up relevant processes.  however, if they're running under admin privs, task manager probably won't display those to me anyway.

> Probably more important is their corporate policy.  You are
> likely  
> putting your job at risk doing most "non-work"
> things on their  
> computer, than any worry that they need/want your data from
> your home  
> machine. 

that's really what this whole thing comes down to.  regardless of whether one can circumvent the policy or not, in the end it's probably not worth the hastle or risk, even if you're only spending time you'd normally spend at lunch or a break or whatever.

> yours, maybe...?)... you might be actually bringing
> attention to  
> yourself, just by using SSH.

i actually wasn't that concerned about whether they actually knew where i was connecting to or not. i can't and am not trying to hide that anyway.  my thought was that if they logged packets, the time spent would be so insignificant, that it would be minimal compared to most folks screwing off at work and taking coffee breaks, shooting the breeze versus actually working.

> that's secure, but as soon as anything is cached by a
> more modern  
> client to the hard disk of the machine, it's visible
> and able to be  
> copied/captured by other software running on the machine
> itself.  Not  
> too many (any?) modern mail clients encrypt the disk-based
> cache in  
> the e-mail world, or browser worlds...

good point

> A better solution might be... your own laptop and a
> wireless data   card.  

very practical workaround.



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