[lug] Looking for a laptop...

Stephen Queen svqueen at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 06:05:26 MDT 2008

> My requirements for a used laptop:
> 1 Ghz processor
> expandable to 2 gig of memory
> support for 250gig hard drive.  ;-)
> Support for running Windows XP and Ubuntu 8.x via dual booting.
> touchpad.  (I can't use a touchpoint worth a damn.  It's ok to have both)
> graphics better than 1024x768.
> My budget is around $500.  I'd like to go new but I have other priorities
> and I need something in the next week or so, not the 3-4 weeks a new one
> would take.
I've watched the craigslist off and on for used computers/laptops. The
thing that always stuck me is that most of the people selling used
computers tried to tie the value of their computer to the purchase
price, not to what a comparable computer is selling for new,

About a year and a half ago, I purchased an "open box" laptop from
Tigerdirect for around $500. It was an Acer, I forgot the model
number, and I was fairly happy with it. The keyboard wasn't the
greatest, but then it was only about $500. It was purchased as an
experiment at work, and is still kicking around the lab being used as
a terminal for embedded projects.

I just recently read that there are going to be some good deals on
computers in the next few months as dealers try to reduce their
inventory in a bad economy before the end of the year.

My $0.02.


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