[lug] Something to do Nov 8th.

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Wed Oct 29 19:44:49 MDT 2008

You guessed it, installfest!  I've (finally) updated the details here:


We couldn't do it on the 1st because of Horsecapades[1] and the comedy
show[2] so we're doing it the 8th.

I think DeVry has finished their construction so come see what the new
room looks like.

This announcement is later than usual and you might think it's because
we had a poor turnout for Software Freedom Day last month (and even less
interest in helping non-technical users).  But no, the real reason is
that with the new government fiscal year I've had other things on my
mind so I was slow to schedule the room and slower to send out

This time I know there will be at least one interesting project to work
on.  And I always like meeting up north--it's good to see the Boulder 
people up there.  So it will be fun even if I don't seem enthusiastic[3].


  1. http://westernaires.org/Events/horsecapades.html
  2. http://cluedenver.org/pipermail/clue-cert/2008-October/001345.html
     (sorry, the html didn't archive well but the info is in there)
  3. Yes, in this case perception is *not* reality.  Really.  And don't
     you love the footnoting I learned from the Debian folks?

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