[lug] Installfest, 8 Nov, up north, eh?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sun Nov 2 18:52:39 MST 2008

Yeah, sorry.  Every time I say "up north" my brain adds "eh?"  It's a
side effect of experiments the government did on me, back when.

But we're having installfest on Saturday.  *This* Saturday.  Less than
seven days.  Isn't that great?

So I hear that there's some interest in Samba and maybe we'll have a
guest speaker on that topic.  If you have things you like to see done
with Samba, send them to the list.

We're on the usual early schedule for DeVry north, so I'm planning to
have lunch afterwards.  But maybe they're on a winter schedule and will
stay open later for us (so if you want to bet on that we can order pizza).

Take a look at http://cluedenver.org/display.php?node=installfest and
let me know what questions you have that aren't answered there.

See you Saturday!

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