[lug] Hardware/Software Puzzle

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sun Nov 2 22:49:10 MST 2008

Paul E Condon wrote:
> But when I read the same disk on the writer (it is supposed to read
> also and is relatively new), I get a file that is too short by
> 13 blocks. The overall difference in file length between reading
> on the two different drives is 30 blocks. Of course, a count limit
> won't fix the reading on the writer.

Of course it won't.  Did you try it anyway?  The file system knows how 
long it is so you should read that many blocks.

> I now have new CDs for netinst of both etch 4.0r5 and LennyBeta2.
> The etch CD will boot on all three machines, but the LennyBeta2
> will only boot on two.
> So, what can keep one computer from accepting Lenny, while aceepting
> etch? Any ideas?

Does the checksum of the Lenny CD verify on the machine that won't boot 
it?  If it does then perhaps Lenny uses an unsupported boot method, or 
perhaps it's boot stuff is slightly broken.


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