[lug] Groupware recommendations?

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Tue Nov 4 22:32:43 MST 2008

Ben wrote:

> Any recommendations?

I haven't found one I like yet, to be honest.

My employer's using MS Sharepoint, which is boring, but works as file 
storage/publication, I guess.

I question groupware a bit in general.  I see the use of audio/video 
conferencing (but of course, I work in that industry -- disclaimer) and 
I get desktop sharing as useful...

But I haven't seen groupware used to any real success for any other than 
very far flung people who do NOT want to talk to each other.

In most jobs, the audio and video are important for normal human 
interaction, even if the people aren't in the same location.

Sysadmins and developers sometimes make good use of wiki software for 
storing info, but the "suite" type groupware is overbearing and people 
resist using it.

They already have contact lists, desktop sharing, file sharing, a 
phone/webcam, and trying to put all of that into one application that 
does NOT integrate with their existing ones, often meets with 
resistance.  I haven't seen one that really integrates well, even 
Sharepoint is a kludge when used with Office 2003... no clue if they did 
a better job with 2007.

Before spending a lot of time and resources on it, ask yourself if 
standalone simple applications and a phone would work just as 
effectively.  If you can't find a pressing need for a particular feature 
in a groupware application -- then there isn't one.  Skip it.


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