[lug] FREE: G3 iMac Rev. A 233 Mhz

Robert Racansky robert.racansky at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 10:22:27 MST 2008

Before I put this on a Free Cycle mail list, I thought I'd offer it here.
I figure the chances of it being put to some good use are better that way.

Pickup near Foothills Parkway and Pearl East Circle in Boulder during normal
business hours -- on or after Monday December 01 2008.

See http://lowendmac.com/imacs/rev-a-imac-g3-233-mhz.html  for a
picture and details.

The only issues I've had with it are

(1)  I'm not very familiar with OS 9.

(2)  The mouse occasionally stops working.  I would suggest replacing
it with a new mouse; any Microsoft-compatible USB mouse -- about $10
-- should work.

(3)  When I leave it on for long periods of time, the screen goes
blank.  This may be in sleep mode (see item #1), but if so, I can't
get it to wake up.  Using my Microsoft USB optical mouse seems to
solve this problem, but I'm not including the MS mouse with this, only
the original mouse.

(4)  I can't get network connectivity, and it's not worth my time to
troubleshoot this (especially given point #1 above).  I don't know if
this is a hardware issue, OS issue, or iCab issue.

I've had network connectivity before, so I'm not sure what went wrong.


•       PowerPC G3 233 Mhz  Rev. A

•       operating system:  Mac OS 9.2.2.  This was the last version of OS 9,
released in December 2001.  It is no longer supported by Apple.

•       RAM:  160 MB  (128 MB + 32 MB)

•       hard drive:  4 GB

•       optical drive:  CD-ROM

•       manufactured:  9/9/1998

•       serial number:  XB837FYRDFN

•       ethernet ID:  000502E3ABBA

•       Includes keyboard, power cord, and mouse.  I'd suggest
replacing the mouse.

•       Modem and Ethernet connector. To connect to a wireless network, see
www.macwireless.com (cost about $100 for compatible wireless hardware,
since Apple no longer makes the original AirPort card for these).

More info at
Apple support:  http://www.apple.com/support
Low End Mac:  http://lowendmac.com/
Colorado Macintosh Users Group:  http://www.comug.com  (NCAR in Boulder)
Denver Apple Pi:  http://www.denverapplepi.com

iCab:  The only browser currently being developed and maintained for Mac OS 9


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