[lug] Fixed-width fonts for email?

Jeffrey Haemer jeffrey.haemer at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 15:04:46 MST 2008

Do you still use fixed-width fonts to read email?

I occasionally get email that contains ASCII graphics.  That won't work as
intended in my typical mail client (Gmail).   My early email clients (mail,
Mail, mailx, ...) were fixed-width, but those haven't been my primary
clients for years.

The Dan Rather/CBS News forgeries suggest that even by 2004, most
non-technical people were unaware that fixed-width fonts had ever existed.
We geeks, however, still use them daily for programming.

So, how about it?  Does your default mail reader still format the box,
below, as a box, with nice, lined-up edges and corners?  Just curious.


(And yes, I know I *could* make Gmail use fixed-width fonts.)

Jeffrey Haemer <jeffrey.haemer at gmail.com>
720-837-8908 [cell]
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