[lug] Fixed-width fonts for email?

Bear Giles bgiles at coyotesong.com
Thu Dec 4 15:50:25 MST 2008

I switched to developing in proportional fonts a few years ago.  The key 
is having a good source formatter and using it regularly.  At work we 
swear by eclipse IDE + jalopy.  I know eclipse has a 'C/C++' mode, but I 
don't know what formatters are available for it.

BTW the subsequent investigation verified the authenticity of the 
-information- in those forgeries, but by then it was old news.  It looks 
pretty clear that it was a classic dirty trick.  They knew the 
information would get out, so they created a not-quite-good-enough 
forgery using the real information (or something very close to it) and 
leaked it.  That meant the story would be picked up, discredited, and 
then the real story would be ignored even when solid evidence came up.


Jeffrey Haemer wrote:
> Do you still use fixed-width fonts to read email?
> I occasionally get email that contains ASCII graphics.  That won't 
> work as intended in my typical mail client (Gmail).   My early email 
> clients (mail, Mail, mailx, ...) were fixed-width, but those haven't 
> been my primary clients for years.
> The Dan Rather/CBS News forgeries suggest that even by 2004, most 
> non-technical people were unaware that fixed-width fonts had ever 
> existed.  We geeks, however, still use them daily for programming.
> So, how about it?  Does your default mail reader still format the box, 
> below, as a box, with nice, lined-up edges and corners?  Just curious.
> +----------------+
> | THIS IS A BOX. |
> +----------------+
> (And yes, I know I *could* make Gmail use fixed-width fonts.)
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