[lug] OT: netbook opinions?

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 5 14:44:22 MST 2009

> I picked up a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 when it first came out a
> few months ago.  Love it.  It comes with Ubuntu pre-installed
> (although I installed Kubuntu as soon as I powered it up, heh). 

so the processor has no problem running the distro of my choice as long as i stay within the limits of the ram and hd space?

> One complaint is the lack of a big disk.  I bought the 16GB
> model (the 

i wish it had more native hd space as well. i'm assuming you can plug an external usb drive (the wd passports are pretty small) and that would be an option.  

currently dell allows you to buy an additional 16G sdhc card.  i'm assuming it would also allow the current 32G sdhc cards as well?  

from personal experience, how fast / slow are the solid state drives compared to regular drives? do you notice any major difference with the basic apps you run on this netbook?

> My only other complaint is the terrible sound quality.  The

have you plugged the unit into a decent sound system? even today's low end creative lab speakers sound pretty good.  wondering how external audio sounds.

also, have you played video on this unit?  either web video or DVD via an attached dvd drive?


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