[lug] OT: netbook opinions?

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 5 15:12:52 MST 2009

> He has a 1.5hr commute on the metro link in LA. Uses a
> Treo w/ verizon and an eepc (solid state storage, XP). Can
> connect the netbook to the phone via bluetooth to get
> internet connectivity. Checks mail, some web surfing.

any firsthand experience with how well (fast / reliable) 
broadband is?

also, any knowledge about how wireless broadband security 
compares to standard wireless access point type security?  

is it any more or less secure?  is it as easy to snoop on?

> A fair amount of podcast/webcast viewing (offline,
> preloaded before going to work). Some videos (also preloaded).

that sounds good.

> Uses the phone (no ipod) for music.

as a cell phone neophyte, how does one use a phone for music these
days?  do you download the song to the phone or is it streamed in
real time?   i imagine decent sound is achieved through headphones?

> use the phone's gps and the netbook as a car navigation
> system (no more worry about road bumps taking out an active disk).

how do you do this?  via bluetooth from the phone to the netbook?


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