[lug] OT: netbook opinions?

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 5 17:27:16 MST 2009

> >> I use an ASUS EEE PC.  The 901 model I consider to

> > as per my other post, any thoughts on how fast the
> solid state drives are in real life useage, external dvd
> playback, external audio playback sound quality and external
> monitor resolution / quality (if you've tried any of the
> latter)
> The SSD is comparable to a standard laptop disk, or a bit
> faster...nothing top of the line.  I use my EEE PC
> constantly and
> never need to wait on disk IO, only CPU.  The CPU itself is
> pitiful
> compared to a desktop, but more than adequate for my needs
> when
> traveling.  I play DVDs both off of SD cards (slot built-in
> to the
> system), and via wifi.  Both work flawlessly.

you can play a dvd off of an SD card!  and wifi. sweet.
good to know about the performance.

> > upgraded by popping a cover or just by slapping in a
> usb card?
> Pop off the back cover, unplug the old card, plug in the
> new.  RAM is upgradeable to 2GB just as easily.

very good to know as well.

have you ever sent the output to a 24 inch or similar size large flat panel display (or could you if you have one :-)).   i'm curious about the output resolution support and quality.  i'm getting conflicting info based upon what i'm reading online.

thanks for the feedback


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