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On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 3:09 PM, Sean Reifschneider <jafo at tummy.com> wrote:

> Boulder Linux wrote:
> >    Talk : Asterix - OpenSource PBX
> > Speaker : Sean Reifschneider
> Somehow, the carefully crafted talk introduction and bio I wrote got lost
> in the mail.  I was looking for it to make sure I had the title in my
> slides the same as what I had said it would be, and could find no record of
> it.  So, here's another attempt at it:
>   A Gentle Introduction to Asterisk: Taking Back Your Phone
>   If you're the sort of person who runs their own web server and e-mail
>   server, why aren't you running your own phone server?  With Asterisk,
>   you can have amazing flexibility over how your phone calls are handled.
>   Do you want to get your answering machine messages in voice mail?
>   Do you want to make it so that calls from non-whitelisted phone
>   numbers don't ring your phones unless they "press 1 if you aren't
>   a telemarketer" (particularly, say, from 6 to 8pm and at night)?
>   A conference call bridge for your family to chat on once a week?
>   Run a script based on touch tones from a phone call?
>   It's all possible with Asterisk.
>   Presented by Sean Reifschneider of tummy.com, ltd.  Sean is a long time
>   Linux geek and telephone hater, so the flexibility that Asterisk has
>   been quite a relief.  Sean implemented the tummy.com PBX and automated
>   attendant several years ago.
> Sean
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