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Jeffrey Haemer jeffrey.haemer at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 15:18:15 MST 2009

Sean Reifschneider is talking about Asterisk tomorrow.  In case you don't
know about it or him, here's his description of each.

  A Gentle Introduction to Asterisk: Taking Back Your Phone

  If you're the sort of person who runs their own web server and e-mail
  server, why aren't you running your own phone server?  With Asterisk,
  you can have amazing flexibility over how your phone calls are handled.
  Do you want to get your answering machine messages in voice mail?
  Do you want to make it so that calls from non-whitelisted phone
  numbers don't ring your phones unless they "press 1 if you aren't
  a telemarketer" (particularly, say, from 6 to 8pm and at night)?
  A conference call bridge for your family to chat on once a week?
  Run a script based on touch tones from a phone call?

  It's all possible with Asterisk.

  Presented by Sean Reifschneider of tummy.com, ltd.  Sean is a long time
  Linux geek and telephone hater, so the flexibility that Asterisk has
  been quite a relief.  Sean implemented the tummy.com PBX and automated
  attendant several years ago.

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