[lug] Notes on Asterisk published

Landon Cox landon at 360vl.com
Fri Jan 9 16:48:17 MST 2009

Last night I took notes during Sean's presentation of Asterisk (Great  
job BTW, Sean) with a LiveScribe pen which records notes and audio  
digitally.  I've published the results:


While you may or may not be able to read my chicken scratch, you can  
click on various parts of the pages and get the audio context around  
that topic - also there's a typical audio player control that you can  
use for random access to the audio.

With this audio and Sean's presentation deck at:


you might be able to have a decent replay of the presentation if you  
couldn't make it.  Won't be as good as video, but it's available if  
you would like.   Hope this is useful to someone,


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