[lug] Holy cow! Only 2 weeks...

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sun Jan 11 20:10:58 MST 2009

...until installfest.  At this rate it will be summer in no time.
(Followed quickly by the heat death of the universe...)

So if you want particular distros, help, or whatever, now is the time to
speak up.  And thanks to those who already have.

We need someone to tackle nvidia drivers, dual monitor, and compiz-fusion.

Sounds like there will be a SquidGuard problem to solve.

The CLUE list had some talk about Android phones so I'm hoping one of 
those (or at least the SDK) shows up.

If you asked for help and didn't get a "I'll be there to take care of
that" please come anyway.  Worst case you'll some reasonably intelligent
people to bounce ideas off and explore your problem and that should be
worth the effort.

Remember, there's no football that day, right?  So what else are you 
going to do?

See you there!

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