[lug] Rhythmbox GUI Problem

Jeffrey Haemer jeffrey.haemer at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 10:58:19 MST 2009

I can start rhythmbox but don't get a GUI.

It's me.  (Oh, okay.  "It's I.")  If I log in as another user, it starts
fine for "him."

I've tried reboots, but they don't fix the problem.

When I do a systrace, I'm getting an EAGAIN on a read -- it's trying to read
something and the resource is unavailable -- but I'm not sure what.  There
isn't an obvious ".rhythmboxrc" or anything.

I've tried a couple of suspects, but I'm shooting blanks.  Anyone happen to
know what I've broken?

Jeffrey Haemer <jeffrey.haemer at gmail.com>
720-837-8908 [cell]
303-997-1219 [Grand Central]
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