[lug] Permissions: Guard Directories but allow File changes

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Tue Feb 3 22:52:39 MST 2009

Lee Woodworth wrote:
> Gordon Golding wrote:
>> I have someone (an OTHER person) who I want to be able to change files 
>> in every sub-/directory, but I want to protect the directories 
>> themselves.
> Not exactly clear on what you are asking.
> The result of this is that anyone can modify the files in the 
> directory tree, but they can't rename or change permissions on files,
> or create/delete files or directories in the tree.

If this is what you want you're set.  If you want the users to be able 
to create/delete files but not directories, that can't be done with 
POSIX permissions.

The reason is that create/delete/rename are operations on a directory 
(controlled by the directory permissions), not on a file.  Within a 
directory files and directories are identical so it isn't possible to 
have different permissions for them.

SELinux may have a mechanism to do what POSIX can't.


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