[lug] Re: wireless router settings (and a network question)

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 16:00:26 MST 2009

Probably nobody was interested, but in case someone will read the
archives (we have them, right?) looking for the solution, it was to:

a) clone the MAC address of a working computer
b) set the Mbs to 10 (100 and "auto" didn't work!)
c) set the MTU to the incredibly low value of 150


On Mon, Feb 2, 2009 at 13:06, Davide Del Vento
<davide.del.vento at gmail.com> wrote:
> Folks,
> This morning I woke up with the cry of my 6-months daughter (as usual,
> from 6 months ago), I handed the baby to the mom for the breastfeeding
> and went to the kitchen for cooking the breakfast. I turned the laptop
> on and it wasn't able to connect to the wireless, for some unknown
> reason.
> Since I'm an idiot (or maybe I was still sleeping) instead of trying
> to understand what wasn't wrong, I just went in the laundry and pushed
> the f****** reset button on the wireless router. Please note that the
> "internet" led on the router was green, i.e. it was correctly
> connected.
> After the reset, of course, I'm not able to have it connect the router
> to the internet (via the modem) anymore. I remember that when I first
> connected it, I had to tweak something to have it working, but of
> course I do not remember what :-(
> And, even worst, I didn't write a note, and I didn't save a
> "configuration file" which today I discovered I could have done.
> Note that if I connect the laptop directly to the modem, I'm perfectly
> online (but I have a short ethernet cable and the modem is in the
> laundry, but this is another story :-)
> Now, before you think that I'm an idiot and stop reading, the network
> question: why the wireless router needs all this setting, whereas my
> laptop (ubuntu 8.04) "just works" when I hook them to the ethernet
> port of the cable modem? Can't the wireless router figure out itself
> the DHCP, MTU and the likes? It surely has lot of software inside,
> including a web server... so why?
> Now, the help question, has anybody any suggestion for the router
> setting for the hardware I mention below? Maybe even the setting file
> I did not save? If not, is there any way to find the "autodetect
> settings" for the wired network on Ubuntu and use them into the
> wireless Router? I think it is DHCP and ifconfig reports MTU=1500 but
> this does not work (I'm almost sure I had to lower this value when I
> first install the router)
> Cable Modem: ARRIS Model TM502G/CT (provided by Comcast)
> Wireless Router D-link 802.11n DIR615
> Last, and probably least, I found a "automatic firmware update" option
> in the router (self-hosted web interface). Do you suggest to keep it
> on (default) or to turn it off?
> Bottom line: if you haven't already, check in the web interface of
> your router if you can save the configuration, and if so, let you do
> it, burn it on a disk and place it in the router box (or close to the
> router itself). You might wake up one morning and reset your router
> without (almost) any reason...
> Thanks,
> ;Davide

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