[lug] SSH tunnel, svn, https problem

Glenn Murray gmurray at mines.edu
Wed Feb 4 18:02:13 MST 2009

On Tue, 3 Feb 2009, David Morris wrote:
> ...
> You are trying to use a proxy where none exists.  localhost:2588 is
> the actual server, not a proxy.

Thanks, that makes sense.  It seems the problem is in my .ssh/config?
I'm trying to access the subversion server behind a gateway.  I
usually use the tunnel for shells and web browsing on various Linux
boxes, but I have no account on the subversion server.

I'm trying to get commands like "svn update" to work through the
tunnel.  My config looks like this:

Host gateway.gov
     # For ssh shells
     DynamicForward 1080
     #For web pages
     LocalForward 2280 some.webserver.gov:80
     # For svn ---not working
     LocalForward 2588 subversion.server.gov:443

Host linux.box.gov
     ProxyCommand $HOME/bin/ProxyCommand.sh %h %p
              [The ProxyCommand.sh script is:
              if connect -n 1080 >/dev/null 2>&1 </dev/null; then
                  exec connect -4 -S "$@"
                  exec connect -n "$@"

# http://localhost:2280/
Host some.webserver.gov:80
     HostName localhost
     Port 2280

# https://localhost:2588/       ----not working
Host subversion.server.gov*
     HostName localhost
     Port 2588
     HostKeyAlias subversion.server.gov

Thanks for the help,

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