[lug] Development & reporting tool choices

Landon Cox landon at 360vl.com
Thu Feb 5 19:19:03 MST 2009

An article that may be of interest to you is: "Comparing Open Source  
Reporting Tools for Use in the Enterprise"


It's java-centric because most of the OSS reporting tools on the  
market are java-based and I know Rod Cope, the author, is also pretty  
java-centric (JavaOne rock-start.)  Still, it may be of use to you to  
read regarding feature sets.


On Feb 5, 2009, at 6:34 PM, David Morris wrote:

Not certain if the language is flexible, but unless performance is an
> issue, I might be tempted to use Python instead of C.  The Python
> language has some fantastic libraries for database access, XML
> handling, string parsing, PDF generation, and web-page interfacing.  A
> lot of functionality comes in the standard libraries shipped with the
> language, the rest in widely used third-party libraries (such as
> ReportLab for PDF generation).  You can also easily interface to C/C++
> code if needed using SWIG.
> It is still possible to provide closed-source binaries for python
> code, FYI.  I haven't done this myself, but I know there are a couple
> of different ways to handle it.
> --David
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