[lug] Development & reporting tool choices

Bear Giles bgiles at coyotesong.com
Sat Feb 7 14:43:01 MST 2009

Welcome to the 21st century.  Java 1.0 was interpreted and slow, current 
runtime engines use 'hotspot' optimization and routinely compile the 
bytecode to native code.  In tests it's often -faster- than 
conventionally compiled code.  Appserver startup can take a long time, 
but that should be an extraordinarily rare event.

That brings up a big point against C: memory leakage. It's possible to 
avoid memory leakage, but it takes good practices and some nonstandard 
libraries.  E.g., every server I know uses 'pools' instead of the usual 
malloc() calls.  All of your libraries will also need to be tested for 
memory leakage.

Finally you don't want to casually dismiss the question of where you'll 
find people to write the app, how much they'll have to write themselves 
vs. using a well-tested library, etc.  I used C for over 20 years but I 
have no doubt that Java is a better choice for web development because 
of these factors.


Kevin Kempter wrote:
> The issues with the web & scripting languages out there is that the code is 
> interpreted, so anyone who uses the scripts has the full set of source code, 
> with the exception of Java however Java brings its owns set of drawbacks to 
> the table which I feel are significant enough to warrant not going there. I 
> think C is a good choice since it highly efficient and its compiled, I am 
> however open to alternate (compiled) suggestions

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