[lug] Rock, Paper, Scissors (on topic, actually!)

Lori Reed lorireed at lightning-rose.com
Mon Feb 16 09:46:38 MST 2009

Those who attended last weeks meeting are aware we now use (Rock, Paper, 
Scissors (aka Roshambo) dice to select the lucky winner in some of our 
swag giveaways.

Several people expressed interest in the dice so I thought I'd pass on 
the source. There are other forms of RPS dice available, but these are 
the cutest and least expensive I've found.


Shipping took about three weeks from Thailand and, of all the items I've 
purchased internationally, this was the only package to be opened by US 

And a reminder, if anyone has new or used hardware, software, or books 
that may be of interest to Linux hackers, I can always use more swag. 
Please bring it to the monthly meetings or, if you're unable to make the 
monthly meetings and live locally, contact me and I *may* be able to 
pick it up.


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