[lug] fedora / centos rpms

karl horlen horlenkarl at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 16 13:01:49 MST 2009

i missed the talk this last week but had a question about mixing and matching rpms between fedora and centos.

if fedora 10 is the pseudo twin / parent fork of centos5 with lots of extra bleeding edge pkgs thrown in, is it ok to install a fedora 10 rpm on centos 5 as far as compatibility is concerned?

granted, if the fedora 10 rpm is bleeding edge i understand that could create some problems.  but that's not what i'm asking about.  

what i'm asking is if installing the fedora 10 would balk in terms of pure compatibility with regard to underlying system libs / kernel.  

i'm thinking there shouldn't be any issues since they're forked but i was never certain about this and would like to know



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