[lug] vhs capture - windows

Ben Burdette bburdette at comcast.net
Mon Feb 16 14:13:26 MST 2009

Michael J. Hammel wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-02-16 at 12:11 -0800, karl horlen wrote:
>> i've got some old vcr tapes i'd like to finally transfer to digital so i can get rid of the tapes. 
> I do this all the time at home.  I have a Phillips RF modulator into
> which I plug my VCR's composite video and two channel audio (the
> incoming RF is from the cable line).  I then plug the modulator's RF
> output into a Hauppauge WintTV PVR 150 card which is configured under
> MythTV.  I tell MythTV to go to channel 3 and then power on the VCR.
> Now what plays on the VCR is recordable under MythTV.  I use MythWeb to
> schedule an immediate recording based on the length of the video being
> recorded.
I have a hauppauge card too, works great I think.  I recently remember 
reading about a TV tuner device that you connect to your network, then 
any computer on the network can access the video stream.  That might be 
worth a look if you're thinking about buying a TV tuner anyway.  IIRC 
that was an HD device, maybe there's one that would handle NTSC too.

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