[lug] gpg email

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Sun Feb 22 15:52:27 MST 2009

>imap folder' somewhat negating the whole concept of the encryption?
>or do i have to 'permanently' download the message to a 'local' tbird
>folder and then decrypt?

The message is encrypted on the4 IMAP server.  I suppose you COULD
decrypt and replace the mesage on the server, but I havent ever done
that.  Of course, having the message eencrypted on the server means that
if you do one of those "search entire message" searches on the server
side, it won't do the right thing for encrypted content.

As far as whether storing a decrypted copy on the sesrver makes sense,
it depends onthe situation.  If it's gmail, it may not, if it's your own
server like mine is, it probably doesnt really matter.


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