[lug] Advice Wanted: How to Locate OS projects in need of documentation help

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Mon Mar 2 21:28:18 MST 2009

Brian Clark wrote:
> Can anyone suggest a way to locate OS projects in need of such help,
> other than approaching project sites individually and at random and
> inquiring?

Read the docs you have...  Submit patches against the ones that suck... 
  How does that sound?

I'd say that to some degree end user GUI packages all need some help. 
Open Office, Gnucash, etc.  Frequently users look at help as a last 
resort only to be disappointed.  (No criticism intended--those are large 
apps and users almost always have unexpected questions.)

I guess all the KDE apps could use help.  Their help is rarely more than 
"Save: saves a file" and there are frequently functions that aren't 
intuitive to new users.


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