[lug] Advice Wanted: How to Locate OS projects in need ofdocumentation help

siegfried siegfried at heintze.com
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I saw Joshua speak back when his book was new at the Denver Agile Developers
group. He was promoting his book "Refactoring to Patterns"




He basically took an open source project (the NEKO html parser) and
refactored it for the purpose writing a book about the process. You could do
something similar. Just an idea.


Another idea would be to clean up the Linux HOW-TO's. They always need help!
There are so many that are out of date.


If you are interested: I've been looking for a good tutorial on Linux for
over ten years! I wrote a long critique of the problems with every single
Linux tutorial I ever got my hands on. I still might try to publish it my
critique. I have yet to see a linux tutorial in published book form that was
helpful to a beginner. Every single one I have ever seen assumes you know
the command you are looking for so you can look it up in the index and that
is useless to a beginner. Oops, sorry! Now I starting to rant.






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I'm interested in doing some tech writing in order to start a small
portfolio I can use in seeking other writing work.  Can anyone suggest a way
to locate OS projects in need of such help, other than approaching project
sites individually and at random and inquiring?


Thanks in advance

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