[lug] Knowledge Hydrant: A Pattern Language for Study Groups

Neal McBurnett neal at bcn.boulder.co.us
Fri Mar 13 09:20:43 MDT 2009

Scott Scriven just shared this interesting link with me, about handy
tips for successful recurring small events.

 Knowledge Hydrant: A Pattern Language for Study Groups

Pattern languages are good ways to organize and think about good
practices for doing lots of things, including this kind of

This pattern language seems to have had its genesis among folks
participating in the Design Patterns Study Group of New York City a
decade ago:


It seems well done, if a bit more thorough than many folks may have
the appetite for, in today's mode of short attention spans.

It might be worthwhile in the new group studying for the LPIC-1 (Linux
Professional Institute Certification) via the CLUE-cert mailing list
(which I'm not on, so feel free to forward this....).

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