[lug] next talks

Davide Del Vento davide.del.vento at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 11:13:20 MDT 2009

I have two ideas for the next talks.

First idea, I can have a talk about what I know best, i.e. something I
worked on, i.e.

"Supercomputing at NCAR (and not only)"
(this is my current work, and I would prefer this subject)

"A close look at Venus - howto command a spacecraft"
(my former work, not my favorite subject, but often people are
intrigued by this)

None of this can be linux-related (besides that I used linux desktops
and laptops, but that was my choice and it is irrelevant to the job).
The first will be at least computer-related, the second not so much.
Let me know if you don't care being off-topic and would like to hear
any of these.

Second idea, why don't we ask for possible talks, instead of just
waiting for people offering them? I mean, I'm pretty sure some of us
know something that others don't, but would like to know. But people
who knows, might not feel real "expert" and so don't offer the talk.
If there are lot of requests for a subject, people that know something
on it (even if they are not the very great gurus) may show up.

Just my 0.02$.


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