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Fine suggestions!

I'll send you separate email about the two topics you've suggested you might
be able to talk about.

In case it's useful, I do like getting topics in ways other than asking for

(1) Sometimes, lots of folks ask for a particular topic, like Asterisk, and
we have a local expert who says, "Sure.  I can do that!"

(2) Sometimes, a speaker who's already volunteered to talk about a popular,
general area, like Linux databases, asks the mailing list what, in
particular, he should talk about.

(3) Sometimes someone who wants to hear about a topic, like IP law, *finds*
a speaker.

(4) Sometimes, folks will give me the name of a speaker that they want to
hear, and they don't even care what the topic is.  As Mick Jagger and Keith
Richards have pointed out, "It's the singer, / Not the song."

(5) Sometimes, I just twist arms and call in favors.

Each of these helps fill our schedule.

BLUG isn't an organization with an independent life of its own, or an
outside source of funding, or people selected to work for it, or committees,
or even members.

It's just us.  Getting stuff done.

And when something does get done, it's because some, single person, on his
own initiative, steps up to the plate to do it.

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