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Kevin Kempter kevin at kevinkempterllc.com
Fri Mar 13 13:12:23 MDT 2009

Hi Jeff;

I'd be up for doing another PostgreSQL related talk, maybe a more specific area 
like one of the following:

- Setting up a PostgreSQL Warm Standby Server
- PostgreSQL PITR (Point in Time Recovery)
- Setting up a PostgreSQL Backup/Recovery Strategy 

Or some other PostgreSQL area...


On Friday 13 March 2009 12:35:09 Jeffrey Haemer wrote:
> Davide,
> Fine suggestions!
> I'll send you separate email about the two topics you've suggested you
> might be able to talk about.
> In case it's useful, I do like getting topics in ways other than asking for
> volunteers.
> (1) Sometimes, lots of folks ask for a particular topic, like Asterisk, and
> we have a local expert who says, "Sure.  I can do that!"
> (2) Sometimes, a speaker who's already volunteered to talk about a popular,
> general area, like Linux databases, asks the mailing list what, in
> particular, he should talk about.
> (3) Sometimes someone who wants to hear about a topic, like IP law, *finds*
> a speaker.
> (4) Sometimes, folks will give me the name of a speaker that they want to
> hear, and they don't even care what the topic is.  As Mick Jagger and Keith
> Richards have pointed out, "It's the singer, / Not the song."
> (5) Sometimes, I just twist arms and call in favors.
> Each of these helps fill our schedule.
> BLUG isn't an organization with an independent life of its own, or an
> outside source of funding, or people selected to work for it, or
> committees, or even members.
> It's just us.  Getting stuff done.
> And when something does get done, it's because some, single person, on his
> own initiative, steps up to the plate to do it.

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