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Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Fri Mar 13 16:22:11 MDT 2009

LOL!  "Fedora Bigot". I like it, Kevin!


I guess that makes me a "Debian Bigot" or something.  Maybe also a "Mac
Bigot".  Of course, all in jest.  

Real bigotry toward people or groups of people is bad/evil, of course.  But,
it's fun to use the term very loosely about such silly/unimportant things as
computer OS's!


There was once a time when you might have called me a Tandy Bigot, an OS-2
Warp Bigot, a Microwave OS-9 Bigot, a .  


(I draw the line at "PC Jr. Bigot" though.  That was a friend's machine, and
I only wrote term papers on it!!!  GRIN. what a POS that thing was.)


Computer/Tech pragmatism has its dangers - "use whatever works" gets you
labeled as a "Bigot" for the technology that ACTUALLY DOES WORK, these days!


Oh and I'm DEFINITELY a mailing list Bigot!  I do not like web-based
"forums" compared to e-mail.   E-mail comes to me, I have to go to forums,
or sign up for RSS/whatever "feeds" that aren't always available. yuck.  


Spent too many years perfecting my IMAP folder auto-sorting on the
server-side, so e-mail would once again behave sanely  like my old
NNTP/Usenet reader and the BBS's in the 80's keeping topics and groups
SEPARATE from my Inbox!!   (sad, but true. isn't it?)  It was even a
REQUIREMENT that server-side filters were available when I chose (finally
after how many years of running my own mail server?) to farm out e-mail to
fastmail.fm - so far, the experience has been GREAT. 


(Hell, they even had a system to MIGRATE my entire IMAP folder hierarchy and
ALL mail directly to their server in a long-running day long process for the
6GB it had to transfer!  LOL!  Yeah, that wasn't cheap, but it did it
correctly while I SLEPT. VERY PRAGMATIC!  Also moved my wife's account the
same way to her new fastmail.fm account.  GRIN. I highly recommend them.
it's been flawless.  If someone's dying to move mail providers, they're hard
to beat.  They do referral bonuses. so if anyone's going to pay them to deal
with your mail. holler off list and I'll send my username your way.  I would
love to see a presentation on how they set up this massive a mail farm that
works as well as it does. seriously. they're obviously using FOSS and
home-grown web pages and things, but they've taken the time to really
integrate it all well.  They also have some "novel" things anyone who had
the TIME could set up, but are nice to "just have" if you need 'em.  Things
like e-mail direct integration to FTP/WebDAV/HTTP for file sharing, and
crazy "non-mail" stuff like that.  Sorry, I know I'm sounding like a
commercial, but I really am impressed.)




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Sounds good. 



I wish I could have made last nite's talk - especially since I'm such a
Fedora Bigot. Was it recorded?



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