[lug] Evaluating Software Patents - Wolf Law Building, CU, Thu March 19

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I'm not so good at reading other people's minds, so I'll forward the
question to the group.

And I'll set to work on finding a contingency speaker.

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 6:44 PM, Jason Haislmaier
<Jason.Haislmaier at hro.com> wrote:
> Hi Jeffrey.  I was just wondering about this earlier in the week - I am
> happy to do the presentation.  One proviso.  My wife is due with our second
> about a week after the scheduled date for the presentation.  So, if she ends
> up being early, I may need to cancel.
> Can you guys help me my giving me an idea of some issues that might be of
> interest to your group.  I can then respond to the questions below (and pull
> together a few slides).
> I am indeed on a panel at the Silicon Flatirons event linked below -- it
> should be a good one!
> Thanks, Jason
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> March 19
> Jason,
> This month's BLUG talk was last night.  The next one is by you, Thursday,
> April 9.   "The presentation is dead.  Long live the presentation."
> You should come.  I heard myself tell everyone last night that it's going to
> be spectacular, and why wouldn't I believe me?
> Please send me
> (1) A talk title.
> (2) A 1-sentence summary.
> (3) A pauci-sentence bio, so Jeremy can introduce you.
> (4) Permission (or denial of permission) to videotape you.
> (5) A list of whatever you think you'll need me to supply or set up for
> you.  I'm eager to help.
> Also, you probably know about this -- for all I know, you're speaking -- but
> here's something Neal just posted:
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> From: Neal McBurnett <neal at bcn.boulder.co.us>
> Date: Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 8:12 AM
> Subject: [lug] Evaluating Software Patents - Wolf Law Building, CU, Thu
> March 19
> To: Boulder Linux Users Group <lug at lug.boulder.co.us>
> This event sounds very interesting.  The CU Law School "Silicon
> Flations" program has lots of interesting events on techie subjects
> like telecom law, entrepreneurship etc.
> Neal McBurnett                 http://neal.mcburnett.org/
> http://www.silicon-flatirons.org/events.php?id=486
> Over the last several years, the Supreme Court and the Federal Circuit
> have taken a number of steps suggesting that the law governing
> software patents is still very much in flux. In terms of the scope of
> patent law's reach (Bilski) to applicable remedies (Ebay), the courts
> have taken seriously concerns about the state of the patent system and
> its impact on innovation the software and information technology
> sectors. At the same time, Congress--spurred by a coalition of IT
> firms--has considered a number of reform measures geared to address
> concerns that the patent system is rewarding bad patents and
> encouraging inefficient litigation.
> In this conference, we will evaluate both the premises underlying the
> call for a fundamental reform--and, indeed, the possible abolishment
> of--software patents as well as some specific suggestions for changing
> how patents are granted and how patent litigation operates. In
> particular, we will evaluate whether software patents should exist at
> all, whether patent litigation serves a constructive role in
> facilitating innovation and commercialization of new technologies, and
> whether patents play an important role in spurring the development of
> new technologies and enabling start-up firms to attract financing. It
> will conclude with a roundtable of three leading commentators on the
> role of patents and innovation.
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