[lug] ATT&T mobile broadband

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Tue Mar 17 08:35:26 MDT 2009

Gary Hodges wrote:
> I'm thinking about signing for mobile broadband with AT&T.  On the AT&T 
> web site there are a lot of USB modems.  Anyone know of a model or two 
> that is known play nice with Linux?

Thanks for all the responses.  I have to admit, I was probably a bit 
quick to post this question to the group without more research.  The 
lazy in me was hoping for a response along the lines of "Get model X. 
It works great!"

I should add that I'm not strongly tied to AT&T by any stretch, only 
that it was the first place I looked, and they have a discount for folks 
with a .gov email address.  I am buying this through work for a work 
machine, but I still like to get deals when I can.  Branching out a bit, 
it looks like Sprint might be the best deal all things considered.  Plus 
they have Linux instructions for at least one of their modems.  Downside 
is, they have the worst coverage of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.  Upside 
though, their roaming usage seems very reasonable to me @ 300 MB/month. 
  I'm not sure how much I should trust the coverage maps though.  I 
don't have a cell phone (never have) and don't have any clue which 
company _really_ provides good coverage.

The computer I'm going to be using this with is the Dell Mini 9 
w/Ubuntu.  I don't have it in hand yet, so can't haul it down to any 
retail stores to try out modems.  If I do end up with a mobile broadband 
account, I'll report back on my connectivity experience.


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