[lug] Google Summer of Code project: Tahoe LAFS

zooko zooko at zooko.com
Tue Mar 17 19:21:53 MDT 2009


My open source project is Tahoe, the Least-Authority Filesystem:


It is something between a p2p file-sharing app and a distributed  
filesystem.  I sometimes refer to it as a "p2p disk-sharing app".

We're applying to be sponsored by the Google Summer of Code:


If accepted then a small number of students will be paid a stipend to  
hack on Tahoe this summer.  "Students" includes undergrads and grad  
students, and high school students, but you have to be 18 for google  
to be able to pay you your stipend.  See the GSoC FAQ for details.

Also, of course, you are welcome to join the tahoe open source  
community even if we can't arrange for you to get paid.



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