[lug] ATT&T mobile broadband

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Wed Mar 18 06:52:20 MDT 2009

Nate Duehr wrote:
> Did you buy the Mini 9 already?  I hear they have a built-in AT&T wireless
> option direct from Dell available now.
> Didn't research if anyone had it working under Linux yet, though.

The computer has been ordered.  To get the internal AT&T wireless option 
you have to get it with WinXP.  If you get it with WinXP, you are 
limited to a 16GB drive and 1 GB RAM.  With Linux you can buy it with a 
64GB drive and 2 GB RAM.  I wanted to buy a unit with a built-in 
wireless option, but in the end I decided it made more sense to be able 
to use the modem in different machines.

As an aside...  A colleague brought in his Mini 9 yesterday.  It's 
great.  He has OSX running on it.  It is small, light, cheap and has a 
nice screen.  I think it will work out nicely.


> -----Original Message-----
> The computer I'm going to be using this with is the Dell Mini 9 
> w/Ubuntu.  I don't have it in hand yet, so can't haul it down to any 
> retail stores to try out modems.  If I do end up with a mobile broadband 
> account, I'll report back on my connectivity experience.
> Gary

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