[lug] ATT&T mobile broadband

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Wed Mar 18 17:17:36 MDT 2009

I fully agree.  This makes the option of the external router with WiFi or
Ethernet an even "smarter" idea... never being tied to the cellular hardware
at all -- just pop it in the router and go.  Many of them are so small they
can easily be powered off of a relatively small/inexpensive battery for
quite some time -- the other major con is that you have to lug something
else around with you.


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Nate Duehr writes:
> Did you buy the Mini 9 already?  I hear they have a built-in AT&T wireless
> option direct from Dell available now.

I would think it is a good idea to use a USB dongle so you are not
tied to a particular vendor.  You aren't going to be using the card
all the time -- if you are, get a EVDO router.

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