[lug] removing imsettings: did I muck up this install or are my USB ports fubar?

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Fri Mar 20 00:11:52 MDT 2009

On Thu, 19 Mar 2009 09:06:27 -0600
"Michael J. Hammel" <mjhammel at graphics-muse.org> wrote:

> Long sad story begin:
> Yesterday I accidentally used the Input Method dialog for GNOME on an
> F10 system.  IM then caused a tray icon to be opened for every
> application.  Ugh.  So I tried to disable them.  They wouldn't go
> away. Every time I'd exit the tray icon (from its menu) the icon
> would come back - auto restarted itself.  What the heck is IM for
> anyway?

It's "Input Methods". Basically ways to input any weird non english
language into applications. 

> I couldn't find a way to make this go away so I uninstalled
> imsettings. The tray icons went away.
> Now I have a problem that may or may not be associated with this.
> Before removing imsettings I had a mouse and keyboard plugged into the
> USB ports.  The mouse would periodically lock up.  Plug in another USB
> mouse and it would work, at least for awhile.  Eventually it would
> lock up.  Reboot required.   

Anything in logs/dmesg? 

> Switched to a PS/2 mouse (only one PS/2 port on motherboard: ASUS
> M3N78-VM).  Mouse seems okay now.  Ran into Input Method fiasco.  Now
> the keyboard will, after random amounts of time after reboot, get
> stuck repeating a single key.  No other input is possible from the
> keyboard. It's not always the same key.  It happens on multiple USB
> ports (front and back).  Mouse works, so select restart.  X comes
> down and while the services are stopped you can see the key repeating
> on the console screen
> - so this probably isn't just an X problem.  Looks like either USB or
> keyboard controller related (do we still have keyboard controllers on
> modern motherboards that use USB input?  I'm gettin' old.).

Yeah, or could it somehow be the keyboard flaking out?

> I've disabled USB 2.0 support in the BIOS as my next step and will try
> that at lunch.  Problem is random so you have to use the keyboard for
> awhile before it shows up.  USB has keyboard, mouse and a Rosewill
> 52-in-1 card reader connected to it.  Latter was set to "Auto" in the
> bios for various devices.  I switched those to "HDD" this morning as
> another test.  Have not tried disconnecting the card reader from USB
> yet.
> Did removing IMSettings have anything to do with this?  Is my USB
> controller fubar?  This is a brand new motherboard that worked for
> less than a month.  Stupid me:  it was working so I threw out the
> box.  No box for RMA back to NewEgg.  *sigh*  I was so happy with a
> Quad core and two monitors.  *sniff*

I don't think IMsettings is related... it sounds like keyboard or
connector or something else odd going on hardware wise to me. 

> Side note:  the MB has nVidia 8200 video.  Separate system exhibited
> similar problem with F9 and nvidia card (problem cleared on that
> system with F10 nvidia drivers).  Is it possible that nvidia drivers
> could cause conflicts with USB?

I wouldn't think so... 

> End long sad story.

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