[lug] URGENT: Anybody wanna buy a classic arcade game or two?

Tom Christiansen tchrist at perl.com
Thu Apr 2 17:06:26 MDT 2009

'Scuse me as I piggy-back your list, but the overlap in interests
is almost certainly high enough to merit doing os.

I've got two arcade games that I'm desperately trying to get someone
local to buy off me for cold, hard cash--you know, filthy lucre--and 
in very short order, too  I have to, since I've been too long scraping 
the bottom financially, and have finally hit unyielding bedrock without 
a real job (or a spouse's) to back me up.

Some of you have played these games.  One is way famous: The Addams 
Family Pinball, the most popular pinball game *ever*.  The other is 
the full-cabinet, stand-up version of Millipede.  Note that this is
not* Centipede (it's much better), and with an EEPROM update you can 
play both on the same box.

I got both like 15 years ago, but now go years without playing them. 
TAF has been serviced a few times, although not lately.  Both come 
with full manuals/schematics, and are in fine working order.  They've
seen nearly no play in the last decade or more.

If you're even mildy interested, I urge you to please:

  1st: Go scope out their going values on the Internet so you
       can give me a fair bid and don't think I've joshin' ya.

  2nd: Any and all are welcome to come by my place to playtest 
       the games--whenever, but soon please.

  3rd: *Then* make me bids on either or both if you're interested.
       If you play them and would rather not buy, that's fine, too.

The only gotcha is that if you do buy them, you'll have to take them away
with you: I can't deliver.  I can't move them by myself from my basement,
even if I'd another's help; I'm just not strong enough.  It really does
takes 2-3 BurlyMen® to move them up and out.

I'm trying to do this locally through people I know or their FoFs, 
*not* with some tedious and dubious Ebay or Craigslist listing.  
So even if *you* aren't interested, but you know *anyone* local apt 
to be so, I bet mostly earnestly to *KINDLY* pass this message along.

I need this done ASAP.  Why?  So I've cash in hand before the upcoming 
the Dies Irae get here, that dread day of reckoning we call 15 April.

Thanks for any interest, suggestions, pass-alongs, or anything else 
along these lines that might help me w/these ere the taxman cometh.


PS: I also have plenty of sets of Magic the Gathering cards 
    which I could, should, and *shall* sell, including an Alpha 
    Set and a Beta Set, but haven't figured out how best to do 
    that yet.  Now get this: I have an unsealed but full box of 
    unopened Arabian Nights booster backs, *PLUS* also a *sealed*
    box of the same.  Apparently the last sealed box went for the
    wee sum of US$95,000:

    I bet I could reshrinkwrap the unsealed box: they're all there
    and 100% intact, unscanned, and untouched; the box's plastic
    wrapping just came off one my two boxes, and the box looks just
    like the other one, without any wear on it.  

    HOLY TOLEDO: I can't believe what I'm sitting on!! I can see
    that I *definitely* need to look into this!  I wonder if don't
    actually have *SEVERAL* years' worth of programmer-level income 
    in MtG card sets, boxes, and boosters, all hitherto unrealized.


    I'm staggered.

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