[lug] keyboard weirdness after updates....

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sun Apr 5 00:22:53 MDT 2009

bgiles wrote:
> I've been updating my system and getting very bizarre results.

Sorry, I can't help specifically.  But I did recently have an upgrade 
problem.  Upgrading packages failed for some odd reason and then perl 
was broken.  So I couldn't do anything to fix the upgrade because all 
the tools needed perl.

In the end the perl executable was corrupted because the disk took a hit 
during the upgrade.  fsck fixed the disk on reboot and then I could 
replace the file (by hand, I think--perl's package seems to require perl 
to install).

So you might look for hardware issues that are just coincident with the 


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