[lug] iPod or MP3?

Jeff Schroeder jeff at zingstudios.com
Thu May 28 15:31:51 MDT 2009


> Anyway, given all that, does anyone have any recommendations about:
> 1) A music player (iPod or MP3)

I love my iPod Shuffle.  It's tiny, simple, solid-state (read "vibration 
doesn't cause skips"), and you can take it anywhere.

> 2) Synchronization software on Linux (I've gotten as far as
> installing Banshee, although I don't know much about it or any other
> similar tools)

AmaroK for KDE is awesome for working with iPods.  I haven't used 
anything but the Shuffle, but it works out of the box and it's simple 
drag and drop from your music collection.  I imagine it's just as good 
with "regular" iPods like the Nano.  I've used iTunes and AmaroK is 
hands-down better.

For command-line magic, check out gnuPod.

KDE also has a plug-in for Konqueror (the web browser/file manager) that 
lets you go to a special URL "ipod://" and drag and drop files that 
way.  It's a little clunky however.

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