[lug] iPod or MP3?

Mike Stanczyk stanczyk at pcisys.net
Thu May 28 16:55:59 MDT 2009

On Thu, 28 May 2009, Kevin Kempter wrote:

> I have a SanDisk sansa - works great, easy connection Fedora10 see's it as
> simply another drive when connected, like a memory stick. I just drag my music
> & video's to the correct directories on the sansa and It works. I do have to
> ensure that the mp3 tags are in place so it knows how to organize/sort the
> songs - I use EasyTag for that.

I have a Sansa too.  E200 class. I love it to death and its firmware
is opensource too. (rockbox.org)

Sadly, I usually move music to it when under Windows because I'm usually
booted winblows for the games.  (Damn you Plants vs Zombies!!!)  I can't
offer you advice on the computer end.

If you do go for a Rockboxed sansa, pay very close attention to the model.
There are some sansa's that the version 1 can be Rockboxed but the version 2
hardware can't be.

iPods have taken over the dock/car accessory market.  You can plug into the
car via the headphone jack or use the 12volt FM transmitter with Sansa dock
but that's about it for accessories.


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