[lug] Server Reverts to 6 months ago

John Starkey jstarkey at breezedev.com
Thu May 28 18:31:56 MDT 2009

> I don't mean to rub salt in the wound, but this is why it's so critical to
> get the RAID checking set up as part of the RAID installation.  If you
> can't commit to doing the monitoring setup, don't do the RAID card setup...
> It so often leads to pain and suffering down the line.
> Sean

Actually I had 3dm set up to send alerts to root on that machine - an 
account I habitually forget to check. I must have forgotten to send it 
to my normal alert address. So yeah, this was a hair brained mistake, 
but luckily I'll be able to recover from it.

Thanks for the help, feedback and suggestions.


John Starkey
I just know I'm a better manager when I have Joe DiMaggio in center field. --Casey Stengel

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