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On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 8:04 PM, <dio2002 at indra.com> wrote:

> i'm branching off the recent thread on mp3 players:
> > The device itself is incapable of recording, another feature I use
> > frequently (though lately I frequently use a dedicated recorder with
> > higher quality sound).
> curious if anybody has recommendations on digital portable recorders.
> desires:
> - easy to get the audio off the recorder (preferably drag n drop) so that
> i can edit with a more powerful audio editor.
> - format flexibility (mp3 / wav)
> - ability to plug in a condenser mic (for better audio quality)
> - good battery life (ability to use batteries as well as charging if
> possible)
> thanks

I have had great results with an Olympus DS-30. It comes with a stereo mic
attachment that plugs into an 1/8 stereo jack so you could easily add
another type of mic. It has 3 mic sensitivity settings and works just as
well for dictation or recording talking in even large rooms without good
amplification. Format is only wma, but I've found sufficient tools to work
with that under any OS. Files can be grabbed just like a flash drive by
connecting via usb - uses standard mini usb connector. Battery is two AAA's
and you can slip rechargeable ones in there. I have gone multiple 8-hour
days of recording without swapping batteries.

I take it everywhere and use it quite a lot for recording meetings /
conferences or dictating into.

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