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On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 8:27 PM, <dio2002 at indra.com> wrote:

> > the samson zoom H4 is great! It also works as a usb sound card..
> another quick reply. great!
> i left off 2 other questions for any that reply to my original post.
> - cost (what you payed for it)? [i know i can look this up but if you know
> what you paid great to share it so i can ballpark]

i think it was $250

> - how many hours you can record (both in terms of the absolute actual
> audio time with max power (capacity) and if loss of battery power shortens
> absolute, roughly how much you can record on a full charge)?
> > I use 2500mAh rechargeable batteries and take extras when in the field.
> If
> > your recording 44.1 it actually lasts a surprising long time. Of course,
> I
> > run out at the worst possible times:-)
> for instance roughly how many minutes hours of record time on the device.
> rechargeable batteries makes my concern about battery life somewhat
> unimportant.  but i'd be curious how many hours you get on a single
> charge.  "lasts a surprising long time" is kind of relative ;-)

true, it is relative. Depends on what your doing.. phantom, mp3, wav,
44.1/48/96 etc. I have not timed the scenarios. This samsontech website
tells more
also check out

> thank
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